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We’re passionate about digital design and fascinated by 3D printing. This enthusiasm led us to start Adamation, where we imagine and manufacture objects that we want to own ourselves. We’ve created this website to share our passion with you.

Adamation was co-founded by brothers, Stephan Adams and William Adams. We have a simple vision, to deliver stylishly designed products that you can customize and have personally manufactured.

We’re about having fun so we created a line of original comic characters for your amusement. You can follow their adventures weekly right here. We hope you connect with these characters and personalize them to make them yours.

Tom Stone inspired the design of these characters and compellingly tells their stories. His counterpart is Joji Nomura. He modeled the figurines and brought them to life with his clever animation. Read their bios to see where this dynamic duo gets their inspiration.

We will add more content to the Adamation site from other talented artists over time. They too will have compelling stories to tell and characters you’ll want to own. In the meantime, stay tuned to the adventures of our fantasy heroes.

Tom Stone

I love good story telling. I became passionate about video games, a fantastic storytelling device, at an early age. I played endless hours of Adventure on my Atari 2600. I was hooked on games after this, which led me to pursue a career as a game developer.

I discovered a second form of story telling in graphic design.  After receiving an art degree from UC Santa Cruz, I became a graphic artist, working for a number of corporations. I grew to enjoy the challenge of telling a story through minimal words and pictures, learning about typography and the complex printing process, and the reward of seeing an idea all the way through from rough concept to completed product.

Adamation presented me with an opportunity to tell stories in yet another medium, 3D printing. Here I strive to infuse each of my creations with the same wonder and magic found in those early games that captured my mind, heart, and soul. 3D printing is unique in that it allows me to actually hold my ideas in my hands. I’m continually amazed by the beautiful and intricate pieces that can be 3D printed.  I intend to push the limits of this amazing technology, as I unleash my creativity to tell even more spectacular stories. So, welcome to my imagination. Take a seat and let me tell you a story.

Joji Nomura

I’ve been fascinated with computer graphics since watching the first Pixar films. I drew my design inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright and Michael Graves, while an architecture student in college. Their clever use of shapes and colors was intriguing. After working in an architecture firm for a few years, I taught myself how to use 3D software. My motivation was to land an artistic job that allowed me more creative expression in the gaming, film, or television industry.

I was successful in accomplishing this, as I'm now a computer graphic artist at a small design studio in Tokyo. I’m eager to learn even more still. I want to push myself and apply new techniques to emerging technologies. So I jumped at the chance to freelance with Adamation when they presented me the opportunity to model 3D printable characters. My goal is to model figurines that you can truly feel both emotionally and physically. I hope you like our work and come back to see more cool designs coming from us soon.